Announcement of Monitoring and Evaluation (MONEV) of Students’ Creativity Program (PKM) in Ganesha University of Education year 2013

  1. The Monitoring and Evaluation (MONEV) in UNIDKSHA will be held for 2.5 days from Tuesday, the 23th of July till Thursday morning, the 25th of July 2013.
  2. The total of MONEV participants this year are 132 groups. Actually, there are 135 groups participated, but the other three groups still haven’t uploaded the progress report up till now. In other words, it indicates that those groups haven’t executed their program and their proposal fund will be given back to Dikti.
  3. There are two viewers who are in charged in monitoring and evaluating all of the MONEV participants from UNDIKSHA. Those are Mr. Tendy Y. Ramadin, MT. and Mr. Sulistiono.
  4. The participants are able to download their MONEV schedule in (has been uploaded since Friday, July 19, 2013) or (that will be uploaded on Monday, July 22, 2013).
  5. For the first and the second day, our viewers are going to handle approximately 27 groups, while for the third day, Mr. Tendy Y. Ramadin, MT will be in charge for 14 groups and Mr. Sulistiono will be taking 13 groups.
  6. All groups will be classified into two main groups (Group 1 and Group 2). Group 1 will be handled by Mr. Tendy Y. Ramadin, MT., while group 2 will be taken by Mr. Sulistiono.
  7. All groups are required to prepare an interesting power point slide (ppt.) which has been set up to your own laptop or notebook to support the presentation.
  8. All groups are obliged to bring the print out of their progress’ report. The format of the report can be downloaded in and it’s already suitable with the PKM DIKTI authentic handout (using Buffalo paper as the cover). Remember, each PKM has different kinds of color!

Example :  PKM-K : Yellow colored Buffalo.

PKM-M : Brown colored Buffalo, etc.

  1. Along MONEV, the leader and the members are obliged to attend the monitoring and evaluating session according to their schedule (attached). If there is one of the members who can’t attend this occasion, the rest should provide a reasonable excuse to the viewers.
  2. On the first day, all of the group leaders and members are obliged to attend the opening ceremony because there will be a brief instruction from the reviewer and The Third vice Rector of UNDIKSHA. For the participants whose schedules are not reviewed that day are also obliged to participate on this opening. At least, one group should be represented by the leader or one of the members.
  3. For the students of seventh semester who are joining the KKN program can download the permission letter in with the format “IJIN MENINGGALKAN DESA”. However, for those who will use the letter should negotiate or consult first with the head of the village.
  4. For the students of seventh semester whose MONEV schedule will overlap the PPL-REAL orientation (PEMBEKALAN PPL-REAL), may do a shift changing with other groups or participants personally. If it’s not possible to change the shift with others, the participants can leave the chamber of PPL-REAL orientation momentarily. After the evaluating session, those participants are asked to go back to their own chamber.
  5. The assessment of the progress’ report and groups’ presentation will be done orally by the viewers.
  6. The total of Students’ Creativity Program (PKM) that passed PIMNAS last year was four groups. This year, our obsession is more than that. We hope that we are able to send more groups or at least equal as before. Best of luck for all the participants!

We need your help to spread out this information to your faculty and department!

Please consider also your environment, before you want to print it.

Thank you.

For more information, please visit POKJA blog


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